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Great Western offers 3 excellent Final Expense plans to meet the needs of your senior clients:

Great Assurance provides first-day coverage for ages 50 to 85 with benefits up to $40,000 ($25,000 for ages 81 to 85) with an included Accelerated Death Benefit Rider and an optional Accidental Death Rider.

Graded Benefit provides an option for clients with certain health issues. It pays a death benefit of 30% of face amount if death occurs in year one. Death benefit increases to 70% in year 2. If death occurs in year 3 or beyond, the full face amount is payable (minus any loan).

Guaranteed Assurance offers coverage regardless of your client’s health with absolutely no underwriting. Death benefit is 110% of premiums paid (minus any loan) in years 1 and 2. Full death benefits are payable after year 2.

All Great Western Final Expense plans with a face amount of $5,000 or more now include an optional Child/Grandchild Protection Rider that can be purchased at time of application (or during a qualifying event) for only $1 per month! Death benefit for child/grandchild is $2,500.

All three plans can be written on one simple electronic app!

NOTE: As of 4-1-2024, Great Western is not accepting new agent contracting. Currently appointed agents may continue to submit new business as usual.

Great Western Offers These Products:

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