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CVS Health

As a company, CVS Health®’s number one priority is to help its customers receive well-rounded medical care while continuing to develop groundbreaking products for consumers. CVS Health® wants healthcare to be highly affordable, accessible, and catered to their customers’ evolving healthcare needs. As innovators of health, CVS Health® guarantees their clients will have access to the best healthcare plans, life insurance policies, and Medicare coverage possible. 

Meet Accendo/CVS Health® Medicare Supplement Plan

If your clients need additional healthcare coverage and benefits that Medicare can’t provide, we have the solution – a reliable Medicare Supplement plan from the Accendo Insurance Company. Now you can offer your clients a Medicare Supplement plan that carries a name they already know and trust – CVS Health®.

Underwritten by the Accendo Insurance Company, this Medicare Supplement plan is part of the CVS Health® family of companies and is an Aetna affiliate that offers clients real advantages – including a 14% household premium discount* in most states. Agents already contracted with Aetna can sell the Accendo Insurance Medicare Supplement plan.

Accendo/CVS Health® Final Expense

Final expenses such as health care, hospice care, and accidental death shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of your client’s loved ones once they’re gone. These costly expenses can be challenging for families to manage on their own. Fortunately, now you can give your clients peace of mind from a name they know and rely on every day: CVS Health®. 

CVS Health®’s Individual Whole Life Insurance policy is underwritten by Accendo Insurance Company, part of the CVS Health® family of companies, and an Aetna affiliate. These plans provide whole life coverage at affordable premiums, so your clients and their loved ones get what they need regardless of life circumstances. Their families can pay for funeral expenses, medical costs, and other expensive medical payments thanks to CVS Health®’s Final Expense whole life insurance.

The best part of CVS’s Final Expense life insurance policy? There’s no medical exam requirement from your clients, and their low premiums won’t go up over time. Clients get flexible, highly competitive rates that meet their needs exactly when they need them.

Get Contracted to Sell Accendo/ CVS Health® Medicare Supplement and Final Expense!

If you’re ready to sell reliable Medicare Supplement plans and final expense coverage to your clients, contact Savers Marketing about getting contracted today. Our streamlined online application process simplifies the contracting process for agents and carriers, so you can start selling sooner.

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