Education & Training

Trustworthy Insurance Agent Training

As an independent insurance agent, you know the insurance industry is constantly changing. With so many carriers altering and creating new products, it’s crucial to stay up to date on behalf of your clients. But, finding the time and support for new carrier training is easier said than done. That’s why we offer online or in-person carrier training sessions.

Whether you’re selling life insurance or Medicare Supplements to your customers, everything is simplified with additional on-demand training sessions. With the Savers family by your side, you’ll have the proper training and knowledge you need to succeed.

On-Demand Training, Made with Agents in Mind

At Savers, we understand you’re focused on helping clients. You don’t have time for generic online insurance training courses or seminars.

That’s why we’ve changed the traditional approach to insurance training by adding personalization to your education. We understand there are plenty of carrier-specific policies being rolled out every year. 

Think of it as continuing education for insurance agents – only you’ll receive the personalized, on-demand support you need from our staff. Unlike traditional online training for insurance agents, we offer in-person training for all our agents, because to us, insurance carrier training shouldn’t have to be entirely online. At Savers, our goal is to provide you everything you need to succeed on behalf of yourself and your clients.

Get in Touch for Additional Agent Training

When you onboard into the Savers Marketing family, we’ll provide you with initial training and resources to set you up for success. Outside of this training and your insurance licensing course requirements, you can contact our office for additional insurance sales support and insurance carrier training.

Train in person, or at home

If you’re ready to begin your agent training, we’re here to assist! The Savers Marketing team is committed to helping our agents stay 100% knowledgeable on the latest carrier rollouts, and other carrier products. In addition to our personal, face-to-face training, we also have an assortment of online resources available. These can vary from specific insurance products rolled out by carriers to broader health plans and policies. 

If you ever have questions on benefit details, enrollment procedures, or sales strategies, contact our office. We’ll be in touch, and will continue to bring you the latest products, news, and general training videos through our Blog. If you’re ready to continue your insurance education, start today with Savers Marketing.

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