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Insurance Agent Retirement Done Professionally

What’s your retirement plan? If you’re one of the many insurance agents in the latter part of your career, this is a thought that has likely crossed your mind. Although you might like to run your agency forever, at some point, you’ll want to be able to spend some time enjoying the fruits of those many years of labor. 

Too many agents have not given much thought to a transition plan for their business. It’s something that every agent should plan out before a health crisis or other unexpected life event suddenly prevents you from maintaining your business. At Savers Marketing, we partner with the best companies and programs to offer our agents tools for success and that includes a plan for retirement.

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What Succession Options Do You Have?

When independent agents approach the end of their career, the business succession plan tends to fall under one of three situations:

1. Let the current book
run its course.

While this is the least ideal solution, it seems to be the most common approach. In the short term, renewals and referrals are still coming in, so the mindset is to put it into neutral and coast. However, if you’re in “retirement mode,” clients may find that their calls are not being returned and new insurance needs are not being met. This drives your clients to seek help elsewhere. While you may not be worried about the effect on your income at this point, is this the legacy you want for your business?

2. Let family, friends, or a business partner take over.

This is the best option if you have someone willing and capable of taking over the business. Unfortunately, about 80% to 90% of agents preparing to retire are not in this situation.

If you’re looking into retiring in the next few years and have no legacy plan for your business yet, what can you do?


3. Transition your business to another servicing agency.

Transitioning your business to another agency, such as Savers Health, is the optimal outcome for everyone involved: you, your clients, and the new servicing agency:

  • You get a lump sum offer to spend on retirement, another business, your family, or whatever you wish.
  • Your clients will continue to enjoy the high level of service and support they relied on when you were their agent.
  • The new agency grows its business by adding an established block of new clients. Savers Health could be the perfect new home for your valuable clients! 

Access Capital: A Solution to the Succession Planning Dilemma

Access Capital Group is an Integrity Partner whose services are specifically tailored to the needs of independent life and health insurance agents and agencies. They specialize in working with those who want to acquire capital without taking on debt.

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succession planning

Savers Marketing & Access Capital will work with you to:

  • Provide quick and accurate valuations of your business
  • Generate and execute all necessary acquisition documents
  • Administer the transfer of your business with carriers 
  • Fund the sale
  • Track the Business Post-Acquisition

If you are looking for a way to transition into retirement with an offer of capital based on the value of future renewal commissions, this is an ideal resource. Access Capital Group can help you fund a secure retirement while ensuring that the clients you worked with your entire career will continue to be supported.

Access Capital also provides solutions for agents looking to use the value of their current book of business to access funds to help grow their business or satisfy a debt or other expenses.


Consider Savers Health As A Home For Your Clients After You Retire

Savers Health has been providing health and life insurance coverage to individuals and families of all ages since 2003. We are committed to protecting your clients and treating them with the highest level of professionalism and respect, just like you did! If you are considering retirement and have insurance clients that need to be supported and serviced once you leave the profession, we would like to speak with you.

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