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2024 Winter Symposium

Good Times & Good Information!

For those of you who were able to attend, we appreciate you taking the time to engage with us and our Integrity partners to learn about some important products and the discussions that you should be having with your clients. If you weren’t able to attend, here are some things that we discussed…

Queen Of The Bundle Shows Us How It's Done!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching Gaylan Hendricks give a presentation, you already know how inspiring she can be! Gaylan gave a great presentation on the “30-60-90” approach to designing a package of protection for any budget. Incorporating some agent/client role playing, she demonstrated the ways that you can protect your clients from unexpected medical expenses while adding significantly to your compensation. Check out more from Queen of the Bundle here!

Gaylan Hendricks Winter Symposium 2024

Mastering Final Expense

Kirk Biddle, one of our valued partners, cofounded Mid-Atlantic Marketing Solutions (MAMS) with his wife, Jamie in 2001. Since then, they have used their experience and knowledge to build a highly successful agency. Kirk gave a valuable presentation on Final Expense plans which are not only universally needed, it’s also one of the easiest cross-sales to make. Kirk showed us his top carriers and their individual strengths, how he designed his own lead list to target the most likely prospects to buy, and some other valuable tips.

Kirk Biddle Winter Symposium 2024

ACCELERATE Your Annuity Sales

We were fortunate to have Wanda Bates and Colton Van Baale from Brokers International give a presentation on the ACCELERATE training platform. Agents working in the Senior Market often encounter situations where their client has a 401K or other retirement savings. Clients want to know if there is a way to keep that nest egg safe while still getting a competitive return. An annuity can be an ideal solution to this dilemma, but some agents are not comfortable discussing them. 

The ACCELERATE platform provides you with the training and information that you need to be able to have these conversations and place annuity solutions where appropriate. If you would like to learn more, contact an Agent Advisor 

Our partnership with Brokers International also gives us access to referrals and assistance for more complex life insurance cases! 

Wanda Bates Brokers Intl Winter Symposium 2024
Colton Van Baale Brokers Intl Winter Symposium 2024

New Home Health Care Opportunity

We rounded out the day with a presentation by our very own President, Bill Douglass, on one of the hottest opportunities in the market right now…the Heartland Secure Choice Short-Term Home Health Care product. Home Health Care sales are skyrocketing as people are realizing the importance of getting care at home and the costs associated with that care. The Heartland plan has valuable features including a prescription drug benefit that can significantly offset the premium cost!

 In addition to competitive premiums and great benefits, there is an awesome bonus opportunity going on through March 31st! Ask an Agent Advisor for details. Also ask your Agent Advisor about all Home Health Care and other supplemental health products that we have for you to offer your clients!

Bill Douglass Winter Symposium 2024

Thanks again! This was a great time and full of some important information. Make plans to come out again in August!

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