ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America

Founded in 1850, ManhattanLife is one of the oldest and most recognized leaders in the health and life insurance industry. Since their founding, they’ve sought to bring their clients a variety of reliable and affordable plans that provide the perfect amount of protection and healthcare coverage for families. Furthermore, they’ve since partnered with Western United Life Assurance Company to provide reliable and competitive life insurance policies for their clients. Between ManhattanLife and ManhattanLife Assurance, clients can have the high-quality coverage they need, at highly affordable rates.

If your client is interested in ManhattanLife Insurance, they offer a wide range of plans including Medicare Supplements, Indemnity Plans, as well as Dental/Vision/Hearing.

ManhattanLife Indemnity Plan

With ManhattanLife’s Indemnity Plan, your clients can remain in control of their healthcare. This fantastic indemnity plan, also known as Out-Of-Pocket Protection, comes with great benefits, low premiums, and strong commissions for agents. It’s ideal supplemental coverage for high out-of-pocket ACA or group medical plans. ManhattanLife’s Indemnity Plan is designed to provide adequate payment during hospitalization, surgery, and other high medical expenses, so your clients can pay whatever expenses they need Not only do clients benefit, but agents receive adequate compensation for their hard work. The indemnity plan is designed to help with the following:

  • Assists with deductibles and copayments
  • Clients have their choice of benefits and premiums
  • Additional compensation outside of other insurance and workers’ comp
  • Daily Inpatient Hospital Benefit: $100 or $200
  • First Hospital Admission Benefit: $2,500 or $5,000 or $6,350
  • Outpatient Surgery Benefit: $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000
  • Additional Doctors Visits and Emergency Treatment

With the ManhattanLife indemnity plan, your clients can have the affordable emergency coverage they need, combined with their existing medical insurance, so their 100% covered in every situation.

ManhattanLife Medicare Supplement Plans

The ManhattanLife company provides competitive Medicare Supplement options throughout the US, underwritten by the ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America, ManhattanLife Insurance Company, and Western United Life Assurance Company. Combined, these companies have created some of the best Medicare Supplement plans for consumers on the market. Whether your clients have deductibles, copayments, or outside expenses that Medicare can’t cover, their remaining expenses will be 100% covered by ManhattanLife Insurance. Their Medicare Supplement plans are designed to help with copayments and other out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by Medicare. These options are designed to have more competitive ratings, that are ideal for clients and provide agents with better compensation. Medicare Supplement highlights include:

  • Competitive Ratings with Higher Profit
  • Simple and Efficient E-Applications and Underwriting Services
  • Quarterly bonus opportunities
  • Household Discounts
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Round the Clock Agent Support

Whatever Medicare might not cover, ManhattanLife’s Medicare Supplement policy can assist. Any clients over the age of 65, or under the age of 65 with medical eligibility, can apply.

ManhattanLife Dental, Vision, and Hearing Policy

Whether your client needs new glasses, hearing aids, or a vision test, ManhattanLife has the competitive Dental, Vision & Hearing Policy they need. This policy is designed with families in mind, so everyone under your client’s roof has coverage. Click here to review an in-depth video on the policy, and review some of the key features below:

  • 40% Commission & 6 month advance for Independent Insurance Agents
  • Dental Cleanings, Hearing & Eye Exams Covered Immediately
  • Family Rates
    • Up to 3 children (more can be added)
  • Issue Ages 18-75
    • Age 3 for a dependent child on a family plan.
  • No Network Required
    • Clients can choose their dentist and other providers.
  • $1,000 & $1,500 per person
    • Pricing depends on the policy and its maximum benefits
  • Paperless electronic application available
  • Guaranteed Renewal – no premiums
  • Agent receives a link that can be posted on their website (or provided to customers via email) for quick, electronic enrollments

ManhattanLife Term Life Insurance

If your clients are looking for a policy that protects their entire family, then ManhattanLife might be the best choice for their needs. ManhattanLife has outstanding Simplified Issue Term Life products, with the return of premium and available Critical Illness protection. In case of stroke, heart attack, or other unforeseen circumstance, term life insurance is designed to give clients and their families peace of mind throughout every phase in life. The application is quick and easy, and clients can choose to complete their application online or over the phone, with no e-signature verification required. Benefits of ManhanttanLife term life insurance include:

  • 20 Year Term Level
    • Prices range from $25,000 to $250,000
  • Return of Premium
  • Competitive Commissions and Commission Advances
  • No medical exam required
  • Simple Health Questions
  • Uni-sex rates
  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Online application – no e-signature verification required
  • Can be sold over the phone
  • I.T.I.N. acceptable in lieu of Social Security Number
  • Issue ages 18-60
  • Critical Illness protection available at half the Face amount
  • Spanish Materials available
  • Family Protection Plan
    • $6 Child rider will ensure all children under 18 in the household for 10k each

No matter the plan, this cost-effective coverage is designed for individuals and families, so your clients have peace of mind.

Contact us today for more information, and discover why ManhattanLife would be the perfect addition to your portfolio!

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