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Medicare, Well Spent

Just because you’re living a healthy, active lifestyle now doesn’t mean you can’t plan for future costs. A Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) from Lasso Healthcare allows you to make the most of your health insurance.

What is a Medical Savings Account (MSA)?

An MSA is a simple plan with two parts: a high-deductible health plan and a special, medical savings account. An initial deposit of monies is placed into your account. The monies are yours to spend, move to your own bank and/or invest. It’s easy to start:

  1. Establish high-deductible health plan AND medical savings account
  2. Lasso Healthcare deposits money into your MSA bank account
  3. You use your funded account to pay for your health care expenses
  4. Plan pays for Medicare-covered services once you reach the deductible
Quick Facts About MSA Plans:
  • Medicare MSA is a high-deductible health plan and MSA account.
  • MSA monthly premium is $0.
  • You can use any Medicare participating provider in the United States.
  • Lasso Healthcare deposits money from Medicare into your MSA account annually.
  • You can use the deposit you get to help pay the deductible.
  • Once your deductible is met, you pay nothing for Medicare Part A & B services.
  • If you’re enrolled through December 31, any unused funds are yours to keep.
  • The funds are tax free when you use them for Qualified Medical Expenses.
  • MSAs can’t offer prescription coverage, but you can choose any available Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and use your funds toward co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles.
  • The MSA can also be paired with supplemental, limited benefit policies, like dental, vision, long-term care, hospital indemnity plans and more, to provide additional coverage.
Who Can Benefit From An MSA?
  • Travelers & snowbirds
  • HSA fans
  • People with controlled chronic conditions
  • Health enthusiasts
  • Med Supp enrollees
Big News For 2021!
  • Expanded service area…8 new states added!
  • 2 plan designs available everywhere…no more regions!
  • Your clients can earn up to $250 in gift card rewards with health incentives!

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