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There Are People Out There Waiting For You You To Help Them!

We want to help you take your Final Expense sales to the next level. The Savers & Pinnacle team is dedicating the month of May, 2024 to achieving a record sales month for Final Expense. That means we need you all to have one, too!

Whether you’re already a top Final Expense producer, or you have yet to sell your first one, we want to help you to use this May as the month to focus on Final Expense sales with your existing clients and new prospects!

We’ll be thrilled to get an application from any Final Expense carrier that we work with at Savers Marketing or Pinnacle Benefits. We do have some carriers that we are focusing on to drive sales:

Click on each carrier for more information. *Great Western is not currently accepting new agent appointments.

Need some extra stimulus to get you on board? Columbian and Great Western both have some fantastic incentives to put some extra cash in your pocket while your helping people with their insurance needs. Check them out!

Are you brand new to Final Expense or struggling with those sales? Would you be interested in a mentorship program to help you develop Final Expense sales skills such as finding new leads at no cost to you? Click on the link below and complete the form so that we can have an Agent Advisor contact you with complete details!